Loddon Announce NEW Kennel Barn

Loddon Announce NEW Kennel Barn

Kennel One Side Run
Kennel Rendition

 Loddon Engineering are delighted to announce the launch of our ‘Kennel Barn’.

Following the success of our internal kennels range and high end stables, Loddon have designed a unique barn that can be easily assembled onto a concrete pad, the size of which is based around the number of kennels required. The barn includes internal sleeping areas and external pens which are segregated by pulley operated pop holes to allow the dogs’ access from one area to another.

The kennel barn is constructed with insulated panels extending from the floor to the roof, forming the exterior of the structure. The panels are made from a recycled polyethylene infill that is incredibly strong and resilient, showing little signs of wear, even after many years of use. The dense material is virtually maintenance free and is crack, chip and splinter proof. The panels can also easily be steam or pressure cleaned to maintain high levels of hygiene.

The steel framework is hot dipped galvanised in order to provide years of rust free, maintenance free use with the option of a powder coated finish for additional rust proofing. Manufacturing is executed onsite at our factory on the outskirts of Norwich;

Kennel Rendition Double Runs
Double Run Kennel Barn

Each barn is tailored to suit the individual requirements of every client and the layout can be additionally customised to accommodate storage and/or utility rooms. The inclusion of landscape windows at each end of the barn as well as the use of clear polycarbonate in sections of the roof structure facilitate a greater amount of natural light which is particularly beneficial during the shorter winter days when light is at a premium.

Our kennel barn also complies with the most recent regulations outlined by the GBGB to ensure that all of our clients are working in accordance with this high profile governing body.

For more information please contact sales@loddon.co.uk or call us on 01508 520744.