In November 2015, the De Swart Group acquired Loddon Equestrian Limited. The De Swart family have been in the equestrian industry for over 20 years selling horsewalkers worldwide through their company Molenkoning. This alliance has facilitated Loddon as we are now able to sell an established horsewalker range within our portfolio. The key benefits of this system are:-

  • Safety for horse and handler
  • High quality materials and craftmanship
  • First class service – before and after sales
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Easy to use and functional controls
  • Great value for money

Our horse walkers come in standard sizes; 10, 12, 15, 16,18 and 20 meter diameters and range from 3 to 10 horses. We are also able to manufacture custom sizes, if required. All of the various options are available with either a track roof with a generous 5m cover width as standard, or a full roof. These roof systems are available for purchase separately to cover an existing horse walker or lunge arena.

All of our horse walkers come as standard with a modern electronic control unit that offers precise speed control and a pre-set timed function that allows the horse walkers to stop and reverse every 10 minutes. There is also a manual over ride to run in either direction for as long as required. We always supply our walkers with an electric fence energiser so the pushers can be electrified.

In addition we can offer a full option horse walker. This includes the above features along with an automatic lubrication system, Molenkoning’s very popular flexible Safeguard pusher gates, a galvanised control box cover and a spray bar attachment to damp down the track.

Molenkoning offer a wide variety of different fencing arrangements, along with wind break netting systems for covered walkers. Covered entrances and much more.

With such a diverse and varied selection of equipment we are able to supply customers with lots of options whilst meeting varying budgets.

Please contact the office for further information.

Designed and manufactured by Molenkoning.

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