Solarium for horses

A horse is an athlete; therefore it is likely to endure injuries regardless of the level in which it competes.

Research has shown that therapeutic heat is a universal treatment in chronic injury as the heat plays a vital role in rehabilitation.

Infrared lights are proven to improve circulation, helping the rapid absorption of sugar by the muscles and the quick disposal of lactic acid; as a result the performance of the horse is vastly improved.

Our solariums feature 15 or 20 infrared lamps. Each lighting segment is furnished with 5 lamps and a ventilator. The infra-red lamps are not damaged by the damp environment generated from the horse, due to the open construction of the system. Fresh air is drawn through the back of the solarium and is passed through the lamp conduits thus creating a dual function; cooling the lamps whilst drying the horse quickly.

Our devices are designed to improve the well-being of your horse, focusing on the development of its physical, emotional, and physiological state. Our system offers the following benefits:

  • Full relaxation after exercise which results in quick recovery
  • Faster drying process which reduces the chances of catching a cold
  • Improves elasticity of the muscles.
  • It is highly recommended as a “warm up” before training or a competition
  • Better physical and psychological condition
  • They can prevent diseases and keeps your horse healthy
  • Helps improve the condition of the horse’s coat

Replace your standard infrared bulbs and add U.V. lights to your solarium to  stimulate the pituitary in the brain of the mare which releases hormones to encourage ovulation.

The well-being of your horse is greatly improved by using the solarium range. This is the goal of every good horse management.

Training and Rehabilitation