Treadmill for horses

We all know that horses need regular exercise in order to keep healthy and improve their physical condition and competences; this is our biggest concern at Molenkoning and this is the topic we have focused on for many years by developing the horse walker industry. However, sometimes due to reduced space or other causes, a horse exerciser is not always possible. That is why we are increasing our product range offering to our clients the new Molenkoning Equine Treadmill.

Our MK treadmill allows you to design infinitive workout sessions for each horse thanks to its variable speed regulator and incline settings. In just 4,60 square meters you would have a very efficient training system that is also low maintenance.


  • Antracit powder coated over galvanised steelwork. Other RAL colours on request.
  • Transparent side panels
  • Quick release back and front bar
  • Shock absorbing belt with an extra layer of shock absorbent material
  • Touch-screen control box with emergency stop and individual program memory
  • Adjustable photocell and shock sensor to ensure belt stops in the event of abnormal horse behaviour
  • Automatic height adjustment with a maximum inclination of 10%
  • Always entrance and exit ramps are included
  • Height adjustable rear bar for ponies
  • Maximum speed 7.5 km/h
  • 5 m cable, load voltage 400V/50Hz – Protection plug 16A/CEE 16A
  • Dimensions without ramps: approx. 3300 x 1400 mm
  • Dimensions with ramps: approx. 5200 x 1400 mm
  • Optional: A coin- operated machine
The best training solution for limited space

To please our clients the MK treadmill is always custom made. This means that you can choose the colours of your machine from any of the RAL colour range.

To see an enlarged version of our RAL colour chart click here.

Designed and manufactured by Molenkoning.

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