The ‘Skelton Barn,’ by Loddon Equestrian

Loddon New Barn

The ‘Skelton Barn,’ by Loddon Equestrian

Pioneered with Olympic Show Jumper Nick Skelton and his renowned race training son Dan, Loddon are excited to announce the launch our newest American Barn range, the ‘Skelton Barn.’

Built with the samSkelton Barne exacting standards of quality and safety seen in our internal stabling, the Skelton Barn has been designed to create a light and airy structure where horses can thrive.

Tailored to your individual needs, each barn is designed to suit your layout, accommodating wash bays, tack rooms and solariums. The barn is then created around the number of stables you require with the back panels extending from the exterior of the barn.

An overhang on the roof creates a natural air flow into the barn, improving ventilation and air quality, while keeping the horses warm in winter.


As with all Loddon Equestrian products, structural integrity and safety were the most important aspect of the products’ design, forming a strong, sleek and stylish barn capable of housing horses all round. The inclusion of gable ends at each end of the barn and the use of clear polycarbonate in sections of the roof allows for a greater amount natural light – an important factor during the winter months where light is at a premium.

Our main choice of material is recycled polyethylene due to its strong and resilient qualities that show little to no signs of wear even after many years of use. This is an incredibly dense material that is crack, chip and splinter proof and can be easily steamed and pressure cleaned for maximum hygiene. Bamboo and Hardwood options are also available to provide a classic American Barn look and feel.

With 50 years experience in the Equine industry, many considerations have been made to ensure the barn is of optimum safety and comfort for both the horse and handler. For more information on how we can help you with your next equestrian project, call us today on
01508 520 744.